“Future threat to the human kind is not diseases, not even war; It is sheer crush of humanity and Hunger” –Magada. 

We have a greater role to play. KVKs are playing a better role in eradicating hunger and contributing their best to uphold the human values. KVK, DK is moulting with time and trying to reach out farmers effectively. Apart from mandates of KVK, it has good collaboration with all the developmental line departments and other private organizations and imparting value added knowledge to the farmers and public. At KVK campus all the six open wells which were not used for decades were cleaned up and ready for the use. The milk yield is increased from 4000 l/anum to 16000 l/anum. The fish seed sales went up to 20000 no from 500 seeds per anum. All the farm equipments like cage wheel, rotoweeder, disc plough were purchased. The revolving fund increased by 130%. This entire paradigm shift was possible through the intensified strategies and good team work. From nothing, we have reached the stage of good. Moving from good to great is the big challenge and we are on a mission to reach there.