• Paddy seeds (MO4 variety) of 228.88.qtl worth of Rs.269251 has been provided to 219 farmers of the district
  • Swarnadhara poultry bird of 22169 Nos.worth of Rs.1704971 (Developed by Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries University, Bidar) has been provided to 1325 farmers at reasonable price.
  • Piglets(Yorkshire Breed) of 300 Nos. worth of Rs.950600 has been provided at reasonable price for 168 farmers from our institution.
  • Quality fish seeds of 24585 Nos (Catla, Rohu, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Amur Carp and Cat fish-Pangasius) has been provided to 114 farmers for fish culture in the farm ponds situated far from coastal areas.
  • Bioagent (Trichoderma harzianum) of 536 kgs worth of Rs. 73390 has been provided to 114 farmers from the various pockets of the district.
  • Analysed 1103 soil samples and 538 water samples during the period of 2015-2020
  • Farmers Field School (FFS) on poultry was established at Mrs. Suchi Pramod Rai’s field of Vagga village, Bantwal taluk and at Mr. Pasupati Gowda’s (Farmer facilitator) field of Agraar village, Bantwal taluk. The bird could attain average weight of 2.75kgs in 16th week and 2.90 kgs in 20th weeks rearing period.
  • Pingara Horticulture Farmers Producer Company, Bantwal taluk Ltd,and Navachetana Horticulture Farmers Producer Company Ltd,Belthangady have been established during the 2017-18 with Fifteen members as Board of directories. These FPOs availing technical support from our Krishi Vigyan Kendra.During the year 2019-2020,the annual turnover of Pingara Horticulture Farmers Producer Company Ltd is 1.25 crores and for Navachetana Horticulture Farmers Producer Company Ltd, it is 1.20 crores